Imagine it is your wedding and you are stressed about the suit that you are going to wear on the day. All your life you have only bought ready-made suits, but since it is your wedding you plan on going to a tailor and get a custom suit made. But then you wonder, how would a tailor-made suit be different from a ready-made one. It is only after you wear, you get an idea about how amazingly the suit fits you. A bespoke inventory management software would fit your business needs in exactly the same way.

But the question is how can it be a good fit? How can an inventory management software be compared to a tailor-made suit? It is simple, in the end it all comes down to how perfect the fit is. Every business is different, and what may work for an electronics business may not work for an online retailer who sells books. It is on this simple premise, that a Bespoke Inventory Management Software exists. The whole idea is to spend a lot of time in understanding your online business so that the software eventually becomes a perfect fit for your online selling business.

This fit is something that a generic inventory management solution would not be able to give you. The premise, on which it is built, is to have a generic solution that would work for most businesses at a cheaper price. Off the shelf solutions tend to be a lot more complicated in the long run than you think, as what ends up happening is, you get used to it over a period of time, but when you feel the need to make any customizations, that is when the complications start. Also, there are going to be a lot of features that can be of no use to you as those are there to cater to other online businesses as well.

So then, the question is how is a bespoke inventory management software priced? As far as this custom stock management software space is concerned, there are only a few companies that provide anything similar to this concept. As far as E-Seller-Hub is concerned, we do not believe in charging monthly fees or taking a share out of your revenues. We build a custom inventory tracking software that is just for you and your online business. There is a fixed one time charge that you pay, but then the code and the software is your property only.

In other words, we specialize in making custom warehouse management softwares that are tailor made for your online business needs, and are driven by your business logic. To know more, get in touch with us at, and we would love to give you a demo.

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