Though you are providing the best shopping experience, the best prices, and great customer service, it’s the shipping process that ultimately wins the customers. There are a various strategies one can implement to streamline shipping for maximum profit.

Make Returns Process Easier

Ability to process the return orders quickly is one of the important criteria of every e-commerce business. If a customer wishes to return the product but find your return policy complex, they may never buy your products again. So, you need to make sure that descriptions of the products are detailed and accurate and do not lead to the confusion. You can even display your return policy prominently during checkout so that customers know exactly what to expect. With the right order management system in place, you can increase the productivity and can process the order returns hassle-free.

Aggregate Orders in One Place

Do you find yourself around the stockpiles of inventory for different channels and is a nightmare for you to measure, control and manage the stock on multiple channels? If yes, then it is better to manage the multiple channels from one single place rather than dealing with each channel individually. You can opt for the multi-channel management solution that can aggregate all your orders at one central place including the offline orders. This will help to adjust inventory quantities across all channels when an order is received from an integrated sales channel. It will also help you to get insights of how well a selling channel is performing and you will be able to make better decisions about where to spend time and money.

Ship Orders More Efficiently

To increase the shipping efficiency, you can decide a certain time of the day to process the orders rather than shipping them individually. For instance: You can ask your customers to order before 4:00 pm for the next day free delivery. Once its 4:00, you can assemble all the orders and connect with courier service provider and ship all the orders received before 4:00 pm all at once.

Automated Insurance

Many e-commerce companies tend to do away with the concept of shipping insurance, but having a proper insurance coverage prevent from the undue loss which can incur due to experience or unforeseen circumstances. Shipping insurance gives you the additional security coverage which helps to deal with revenue losses. Insurance and tracking depend on what you are selling and its value. Availing service from the courier service provider, you can get insurance and tracking service at a low price and you can even cut off the price when it comes to the packaging value or if a package needs insurance when shipped internationally etc.

Use of Technology

In today’s highly competitive business environment, retailers strive to achieve consistency, effectiveness and profit but the cumbersome manual process continues to hurt them. But, if retailers opt for the automated software solutions, they can get sales reports to track the cost of sales and can identify the best and worst performing products. Moreover, you can save much of your time by using order management software which will speed up the entire ordering process. The automated system will also help to identify the exact location of each item in the warehouse and can reduce the risk of human error. Automated pick-pack-ship process can help to create a streamlined shipping service.


Shipping is a crucial part of any e-commerce business; hence you need to select a reliable and trustworthy shipper to effectively put your products in capable hands. With the help of an automated order management software you can streamline your shipping and give room to your online business to grow.

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