Many misconceptions are associated with Amazon repricer tools. Some are half-truths, and others doubtful claims. However, as a business on Amazon, you must know the myths and facts about Amazon repricing.

This can also help vendors improve their sales on the platform. Read on to learn the most common myths that may stop you from making the most of the tool.

Top 8 Misconceptions About Amazon Repricer

1. Amazon Repricer is a Ladder that Only Goes Down

Choosing a repricer tool and implementing the right strategy will help you climb the ladder. With the repricing tools, you can increase or decrease the price of your products, considering the characteristics of your competitors.

For instance, a seller with a better reputation can increase the prices above a competitor with a lower rating and still win the Amazon Buy Box.

2. The Repricer Reduces Prices Beyond Limits

Rule-based Amazon Repricer can help you define the lowest and highest price you want to sell a specific product. With advanced tools, you can use your required net margin to set your price range.

This will ensure that you sell your products at a price that is right for the success of your business.

3. You Don’t Have Any Control over the Fluctuation of Prices

When you set the price range, the Amazon Repricer tools change the prices only between the defined limits. You have complete control over when to adjust the price, compete, or quit the competition.

As you have the best understanding of your products and competitors, you can use the knowledge of the repricing rules to set the best strategy for your business.

4. Amazon Repricer is not Affordable

It is not true that all repricing tools take a share of your sales. If you choose the right one, the benefits will be much more than the upfront investment. You will achieve the desired return on investment and make a good profit.

It is wise to hire a reputable company that can build the ideal tool, increase your opportunities to sell, and allow you to control the pricing. If you are new as an Amazon seller, starting with a flexible and short-term plan and measuring your performance is wise.

This will help you control the costs; you just have to pay for the month or a specific time period.

5. Amazon Repricing Can Mean Selling at a Loss

Rules-based repricing helps you specify how you would like to compete as a seller. Selling at a loss is just half true, as after you set a minimum and maximum price range for your preferred margin, selling is all under your control, including the price at which you sell the product.

With the right service provider for Amazon repricer, you can determine your rules, set the margins, and choose the competitive scenarios.

6. Amazon Repricer is Only for Big Sellers

This is not true, as the tool is available for all sellers regardless of the size of your business. If you are into slower-moving markets, you can opt for entry-level packages with less competition.

You can also choose advanced repricers with net-margin repricing that considers all costs to ensure a target profit. eSellerHub combines the power of intelligent algorithms with the flexibility to stay ahead of the competition, considering your unique strategy.

Depending on factors including price, selling history, and performance metrics, you can win the Amazon Buy Box. Repricing rules assist you in increasing your profits as well as your share of the Buy Box.

7. Amazon Repricer Is of No Use If You Have Just a Few Products to Sell

You might think that you could manually manage the pricing daily if you have just a few products. However, automated repricing tools can make a difference. Human errors, such as forgetting the amount you paid for the products, can impact your profitability.

To win the Buy Box, you may lower your price to the extent that you start making a loss. Amazon repricer can save you from such instances. Instead, it will keep you out of the game until prices rise again and will start competing again.

8. All Amazon Repricing Tools are the same

Although every Amazon repricer uses the same Amazon API, and most have the same basic features, they are not the same in all aspects.

They have unique features, including advanced analytics, cost calculators, and time-based rule resets that make all the difference. But it depends on how you customize the complex settings in your business’s favour.

Whether it is FBA sellers, FBM sellers or Amazon itself, you may be competing with them and would want to treat each one individually. And when getting a repricer from the right company, you get the perfect tool that saves time and secures your business profits.

Get Your Amazon Repricer from eSellerHub

With eSellerHub’s expertise, you can beat your competitors and win the Buy Box with the most accurate Amazon Repricer. Considering your business logic, we will ensure the repricer will boost sales and secure profits.

You just need to set your minimum and maximum prices per your business requirements and watch your sales grow. Whether you want to compete with your direct competitors or featured merchants on Amazon, we can help you.

Learn more about how eSellerhub can always provide you with the best Amazon Repricer that works to your business’s advantage. Contact us to discuss your requirements, and we will be happy to extend our expert products and services.

Find out how ESellerHub can help your business grow

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