What’s the most important asset in any e-commerce business? Inventories is the perfect answer to this question as the business depends on the tangible or intangible products. These inventories help you generate revenue to keep your business on-going. It is necessary to have a record of the amount of products in-stock and the ones that are being ordered. If you have the correct inventory data, manufacturing turns out to be easy as well in case you are the sole manufacturer. Have you ever wondered how is this data managed? Of course, it is not a manual process.

One of the best examples to learn about this would-be eBay. eBay and Amazon are among the largest e-commerce websites that serve products in multiple nations. Keeping a manual track for such companies is not easy. So, to make it a cake walk, they use various inventory management software.

Being the largest online selling business, eBay needs to have different inventory management software for each purpose. It can also be that eBay inventory management software is different for different nations.

Inkfrog Synchronizes the Data

Multiple orders are being placed every minute with numerous notifications. It can be a tedious task to go through each of them. So, to manage these orders, e-bay uses Inkfrog as their management software. Whereas, this software also helps to create templates and also manage the messages received from the customer. Everything synced at one place turns out to be easy for the data management team at eBay. What’s more? It puts forth a helping hand to filter the data as per your choice.

Managing Customer Data with Brightpearl

As e-bay serves multiple nations, it also has multiple URLs according to each nation. There is a different payment system for several nations. Every day there might be millions of users registering according to their respective nations. How does the team at eBay collate such data? They express their gratitude towards Brightpearl for developing such a software which helps them get data within seconds. It also helps e-bay in increasing the sales by recommending products to the customer as per their choice. This maximizes their sale and saves eBay’s time.

Shipping Management with Finale Inventory

Various e-commerce websites are dependent on Shipping Station for the delivery of orders. Once the order is delivered, it is marked as “Shipped” and then reduces an inventory. Why pursue a thing that can be done automatically? This eBay inventory management software does not directly reduce an inventory. Whereas, once the product is shipped, it reduces the inventory instead of manual marking.

Synchronized Accounts and Order Data with Fishbowl

There can be times when you need to extract data of accounts per every order or product. Maintaining an excel sheet on a regular basis is tedious and no employee would like to do such a job. So, Fishbowl inventory management software helps you integrate all the data with QuickBooks. This will tabulate a data of the accurate transactions made for each product as per the date for your convenience.

Avoid Overselling and Control Costs with Unified Stock Control

Unified stock control is an eBay inventory management software that gives you a clear idea of the available stock to the respective suppliers. If there are multiple items in one catalog item, this software also displays the stock of those items. This will help in managing the purchase. What’s more? You can also avoid overselling from a particular seller and also have a control over the costs. All the stocks are kept up-to-date in case eBay wants to re-order a product from a particular seller. For faster delivery of services, this software provides information about the availability of stock in the nearest vicinity of the buyer.

Streamline Operations with Stitchlabs

Have you ever wondered how do eBay customer care team have all our information? They can access all our order related data within a span of few seconds. Software like stitchlabs prove to be of a great help. This is all to provide a better customer experience. Also, the team can extract data of the product sales happening every now and then.

Life of eBay turns out to be easier with such inventory management software. So, why wait to make your business easy?

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