Even experienced sellers face problems while managing their SKU with Amazon. You may feel as though you have got the hang of it, but there are many complexities if you don’t manage well. These have drastic implications among the customers. We have some tips to overcome the pitfalls of Amazon’s Inventory Management.

Going out of stock is bad for a reputation. Unlike in brick and motor shops, where when a customer can place a backorder or can wait patiently while the store in charge retrieves the product, online shoppers are of a different mindset. They move on to the competitor who has the product that the customer was searching for. It not only declines your sales, but you also lose the prospect of one loyal customer who can refer potential customers.

Moreover, if the condition persists, then there are chances for a dip in the keyword ranking. So, when the product is in stock again, it won’t be shown a the top of the list. The possibility of driving sales by doing sponsored ads and giveaways is less as you’ll be having not-so-good sales history. Amazon removes product listings from the search page if the products are out of stock. So you lose organic search and product visibility even after the product becomes available.

You can manage orders and inventory by using eSellerhub’s Amazon order management software. They can be custom automized and can sync multiple selling channels into one dashboard.

Check Out These Benefits:

Knowing stock status

You can find out the stock conditions like whether you are in understock, overstock, out of stock, or ideal situation. eSellerhub’s Amazon inventory management software updates your stock’s status for each product depending upon your lead times and sales.

Avoid stockouts

Your Amazon FBA product status can be affected if you go on out of stock situation. The implications can even lead to drop your position in Amazon’s search results. Also, the products your customers had in their cart disappears, which is not good. Prevent this situation with eSellerhub’s amazon inventory management software that lets you know the time to reorder.

Avoid over-ordering


You lose a lot of your starting capital, even the ones allocated for meeting other business requirements. eSellerhub’s Amazon order management tool estimates precisely the number of units that are required for you to stay in stock. This information can help you to invest your extra dollars in new products.

Planning your inventory

The inventory management tool also predicts the date on which you have to reorder your product. This forecast helps you to get ready and budget accordingly. Also, eSellerhub’s Amazon order management software can place auto purchase orders. In this way, you save yourself from understock and protecting your product’s position on Amazon’s search engines.

Avoid storage fees

– Too much stock leads to an increase in Amazon storage fees. With the inventory management software, you can predict the number of products for the required inventory and the volume to send to the Amazon FBA.

Cost Forecast

On knowing the number of units to purchase the Inventory Management software also tells you the cost too, so that you can get ready with the budget beforehand.

Forecast sales and profits

You get Sales Analytics that shows the pre and present sales of your products and provides estimates of future profits.

Esellerhub’s Amazon Inventory management software can help you overcome the problems while handling multichannel eCommerce. Sync all your data and access them anywhere at your convenience. Get your Amazon Inventory management and Amazon order management software now. Call us for more information and free demo : +1 408-400-3737

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