For any e-commerce industry, handling inventory management and order management is always challenging. Managing invoices and inventory is a daily task of any seller. The order must reach the customer when they want it and where they want it. eSellerhub’s Etsy inventory management software can help you to take care of all your inventory management needs, from procurement to delivery updation.

The current pandemic situation COVID-19 has put most of the countries in lockdown. This situation has two sides to the e-commerce industry. Since most of the potential customers are at home, resting, they have ample time to go through the e-stores. Thus substantially equalizing the volume of orders to how it was before the pandemic. On the other hand, sellers are having difficulty in procuring the products as most of the manufacturers have halted production. Moreover, many of the stocks are still in the warehouse, unable to be shipped to the sellers.

Etsy has advised its sellers to temporarily pause shopping services to the customers if they are unable to manage with the orders. They have also given suggestions to the sellers on how to cope up with the COVID-19 situation.

  • Keep realistic expectations – Be sure you can meet your commitment to your customers. Ensure that you can manage your shop with the necessary time and resources.
  • Shipping delays – Be in communication with buyers and inform them about possible shipping delays, if any. Keeping your customers updated will help you safeguard the trust they have in you, and the chances of getting referrals will increase.
  • Go on holiday mode – In case you are concerned about being unable to meet with your customer demands, it is best to hit the pause button for your business. It is also advisable to pull back on any advertisement costs too. With Etsy inventory management, your buyers won’t be able to view their orders. Instead, they will be responded with auto-reply and can resume shopping or processing orders one you have returned to business.

What are the Benefits of Using Etsy Inventory Management Software?

  • Very Less manual work – Auto-filling option is available, and it is more accurate. Get all your documentation done in no time as compared to manual entry. Also, you can use your resources effectively to develop your business.
  • Additional free time – cuts down invoice generating time and cost. Now you have more time to fine-tune your strategies for your business.
  • Efficient order management – You can also print in bulk for your multiple orders and save more time. Use the ‘Multiorders’ button to generate invoices. With this, you can also connect with many sales channels and shipping service providers.
  • Generate Custom invoices – you can choose the preferred custom invoice template and the information that you want to present.
  • Inventory updates – get quick and real-time inventory updates anywhere and at any time. You can also connect with your mobile device for portable access.
  • Business Analytics – be updated with the data on most selling products and least selling products to plan your inventory accordingly. The data derived from analytics include forecasts, and you can be ready to face the market demands at any time.

eSellerHub offers custom inventory management software development solutions for various businesses. We have experienced developers who can meet way beyond your expectations. Get your own custom inventory management tools now! Call to talk with our experts : +1 408 600 0534.

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