You would all agree that automation can save us from repetitive manual work processes like purchase order creation. Even though it is not a matter of concern for most of the mid-marketing executives, it is essential for the backend professionals. Sometimes, the purchasing volume is not enough to opt for purchase order automation. But with the help of automation, the effort and resources can be directed towards more productive tasks. For supply chain executives, automating such an aspect as a purchase order can help focus their attention on inconspicuous areas like risk management. Eliminating the recurring manual task allows them to mingle, collaborate with other team members, and enhance the relationship building with clients and colleagues.

If you are keen on reducing waste and focusing on much more productive deeds, then automation is the way to go. There are so many plug-and-play purchase order software available in the market. But you must look out for the one tool that best suits your business and workflow. Even though how much ever it might be convincing for you, one must understand the way their workforce processes their day-to-day work affairs. It must be effortless and non-time consuming for the executives. Before you start designing any inventory management software tool, it is vital to consider these points. Otherwise, it is not worthy enough to go for automation.

The most typical purchase order automation process is simple.

  • Raising purchase order request
  • Approval of request by authority
  • Purchase order gets processed, i.e., sent to the vendor/supplier
  • Supplier acknowledges the Purchase order
  • Changes in Purchase order – initiated by either the buyer or the supplier due to incorrect details.

Now let’s say the readymade tools are fantastic and get the job done as expected. But are you utilizing all the features provided in the automated purchase order tool? We tend to overlook this aspect, and it is the most significant flaw. You may think that, well, ok, we can use those features in the future. But why pay for something that you might want to use in the future and not now. There are chances that you might feel that some other features could replace those features as your business expands. Things keep changing with time, and they improvise with technological advancements.

The best option is to go for custom purchase order automation software development, wherein your software is tailor-made according to your business needs. You also get to extend your inventory management tool per the future enhancements as per your convenience. The best advantage is that you are paying only for the features that you are using. An added benefit is that you are relieved of any monthly or annual subscriptions. The tool is entirely yours to use at a one-time investment.

Some of the other benefits are this way:

  • Cost-cutting
  • Better communication with suppliers
  • Improved productivity
  • Spend visibility
  • Fraud prevention and many more

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