As per the data, Amazon had around 66 million prime members in the year 2016. To cater to such a huge number of customers, Amazon introduced- The Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) program that let the sellers provide prime benefits to all the prime members while allowing them to use their own fulfillment capabilities. By participating in the SFP program, the sellers’ products get displayed with “Prime” badge for eligible customers and include all the quality and service criteria included in the Prime program.

The sellers participating in SFP program stand a chance to win the buy box and can also participate in Amazon Lightening Deals, while not being an Amazon FBA seller. Moreover, the best thing is that all the customer queries and inquiries on the Prime orders are handled by Amazon.

In short, SFP has all the advantages which FBA has but gives you convenience of shipping your products from your own warehouse.

Benefits of Seller Fulfilled Prime Program

There are various advantages for Sellers to get Prime Badge:

  • Boost sales by gaining access to millions of prime members
  • Eliminating high FBA storage and handling fees, while enjoying the same benefits.
  • Gain more control over your inventory. No more minimum inventory storage required in Amazon Fulfillment center.
  • Sell those items also which are not convenient or cost-effective while selling through FBA. For example – temperature controlled items, heavy and bulky products
  • Directly process return and make product returns easy to identify and track.

How to be eligible for SFP Program?

To be eligible for Seller Fulfilled Prime program, the sellers –

  • Should have an existing active Professional Selling Plan account with good track record.
  • Must be enrolled in premium shipping which includes same day delivery, two day shipping or both the options.
  • Should have a warehouse in USA if selling on and in UK if selling on
  • Must have fulfilled minimum 30 premium shipping orders in last 30 days.
  • Should use at least one of the Amazon approved “Buy Shipping Service Carriers” which can pick up the shipments from sellers’ locations on or after 4 p.m. (before midnight).
  • Should be offering free standard shipping to all the customers located in USA.
  • Must provide free return shipping.

Above all, the sellers are also required to meet or exceed below mentioned performance metrics to participate in SFP Program-

  • At least 99% on time shipment rate on Prime trial orders
  • Used Amazon approved “Buy Shipping Service Carriers” for at least 95% of Prime trial orders
  • The cancellation rate on Prime trial orders is less than 1%

How much does it cost to participate in Amazon Seller Fulfillment Prime Program?

The good news is that SFP program requires no sign up fees. But, of course your shipping costs would go high because you need to deliver orders within 1-2 days.


By enrolling in SFP, according to Amazon, sellers will see a jump in the number of orders and to manage them efficiently and effectively, you’ll need a robust inventory and order management system. We, at eSellerHub specializes in making be-spoke e-commerce solutions that is tailor-made as per your business needs.

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