These days, online retailers are dealing with the challenges in terms of increasing marketplace channels, faster delivery expectations and complexity of supply chains. In order to stay competitive and keep the standards high on the marketplaces, it becomes significant for the merchants to provide quick delivery and that too without any goof up. This is possible only with the help of a systematic Order Management System.

What is an Order Management System?

Every business has an order management system even if it’s an ambiguous excel sheet. But, with the growing challenges prevailing in online business, you require an automated order management system which works as per your business logic. Order management system is something which can –

  • Centralize your orders received from multiple marketplaces
  • Track stock movement from warehouses to the customers
  • Handle returns and refunds
  • Maintain records of billing and payments
  • Process and fulfill orders

Now, what if you try to accomplish all these tasks manually? Will you be able to provide quick and accurate services to your customers? There is a big NO to these questions. Below mentioned are some benefits of order management system which can help you in considering automation over manual order processing and fulfillment methods:-

Saves Time in Processing Orders

As all the sales data of your business is centralized, it becomes easy to process orders from a single platform. After receiving the order, you get easy access to order details thereby processing it faster with minimal delay. This makes the entire order processing efficient ultimately helping you to ship the ordered items quickly.

Eliminates Errors in Order Processing

With the orders coming from multiple channels, there is high margin for error when fulfilling orders manually. With an automated order management system, you have direct access to the centralized information relating to the inventory and warehouses. This reduces the errors, loss of data and eliminates data security breach as there is less manual intervention.

Shows Real-Time Information across Multiple Sales channels

If you are selling on multiple marketplaces, updating inventory on each and every sales channel becomes a tedious job. Whenever an item is sold, returned or exchanged, the inventory needs to be updated. An order management system updates the inventory on real-time basis and saves you from over-selling and ensure customer satisfaction.

Assign Warehouse Location to the Orders

Being in global business, you may have multiple warehouses in different states or countries. By using an order management system, you can have the convenience of assigning your preferred warehouse location to a specific order. When you receive the order of a particular item, you can choose from which warehouse that item would be delivered based on the location and quantity ordered.

Manage your Orders from Anywhere

As you can access your order management system online, you can process your orders remotely. You can now update the information from anywhere, control your data and provide best customer services consistently even if you are not present physically at your place of work.


Using an Order Management System for your online retail business would help you in gaining customer satisfaction resulting to improved sales and profits. Check out eSellerHub and get an impeccable experience of how an Order Management System can make business processes extremely efficient, accurate and free of errors.

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