Delivering products to its customers is crucial at all times. Fulfillment of orders quickly, and customer satisfaction greatly determines the credibility of a business.

If you solely manage all the orders, it is best to follow a systematic regimen of handling the orders with Amazon order management software.

The manual process becomes overwhelming when sales are happening on multiple channels and keeping the customers satisfied.

Amazon Multi-Channel FBA

Multichannel sellers can use Amazon fulfillment services to fulfill orders from various marketplaces like Walmart, Jet, eBay, etc. It can be used for individual websites also and is not confined to only Amazon.

The listing, selling, and the sellers stock fulfilling orders in fulfilled-by-Amazon (FBA) inventory on several marketplaces. A systematic approach will help in selling FBA products and also in increasing sales and profits.

So, in what ways can the order management software assist the sellers? Let us see below:

  • Login can be done in a single interface, and multichannel orders can be managed
  • The single dashboard displays the entire orders, and picking orders can be done easily
  • The workload can be balanced by your team by creating and allocating order functionality
  • Logistics service providers can be integrated smoothly
  • The interface also supports shipping labels
  • Bulk orders can be processed quickly in one click
  • Scanning the orders can be done with a standard barcode scanner

Esellerhub’s Amazon order management software helps to differentiate from other sellers by implementing a systematic approach. It is specially designed for selling on several marketplaces by utilizing FBA as a fulfillment methodology.

  • The FBA product quantity is automatically detected by Esellerhub.
  • Apart from Amazon, several other marketplaces can be integrated with Esellerhub like Shopify, Walmart, Rakuten, etc. It easily lets you list the FBA products in the marketplaces.
  • Once the order for FBA labeled product is received on a marketplace, for instance, say eBay. Esellerhub interconnects automatically with the Amazon FBA center in order to fulfill the received order.
  • The entire order fulfillment process will be completed by Amazon FBA Management. It includes picking, packing, and shipping processes too. The tracking information is then sent to Esellerhub and the information on the specific marketplace from where the order was placed.
  • If Amazon denies fulfilling the order because of the low stock issue or some other reason, the merchant will receive a notification about the same. The merchant can take necessary action to change the fulfillment center, retry the order, or cancel the order.
  • Esellerhub has settings that enable the seller to set the fulfillment center to FBA or FBM.

Why Invest in Order Management Tool?

When you sell on multiple sales channels such as eBay and Shopify in addition to Amazon, it is best to invest in an order management tool, and here are reasons why:

  • Even if selling on a single channel, you can still link your entire vendors and manage the orders collectively
  • The FBA orders status like payment received, dispatched, and the tracking info can be checked easily
  • Non-FBA orders can be directed to FBA effortlessly with Multichannel Fulfillment
  • Entire order management progress from beginning to end can be managed
  • Helps to handle tight delivery schedules and to meet Seller Fulfilled Prime’s criteria
  • No more missing data as everything happening will be tracked in your every account

Benefits of Using Multi-Channel Fulfillment FBA

  • Save Time and Resources – If you have selected FBA as your fulfillment method for the products, then handling shipping, returns, and customer service will be done by the Amazon fulfillment center on your part. It saves plenty of time and resources. It is best if you are receiving high-volume orders daily and selling on multiple marketplaces.
  • Swift Delivery and Great Customer Satisfaction – The products that are labeled as FBA are generally delivered within 2-3 days. Speedy delivery enhances customer satisfaction levels, and that, in turn, gives good feedback from your customers.
  • Grow Trustworthiness – FBA has earned a good reputation in online retailing. Being an FBA member, one can earn your customer’s trust, and eventually, product sales while selling on several marketplaces.
  • Free Delivery Eligibility – when Amazon is fulfilling products, you become eligible for free delivery service. Most customers prefer to buy products with free delivery when shopping in any marketplace.
  • Sales Increase – Many online retailers have experienced an increase in sales volume after switching to the FBA fulfillment method. Credit to its quick delivery and best customer service, the customers choose to buy FBA-labeled products.

Disadvantages of Multi-Channel Fulfillment by Amazon

  • Unfit for Items with low margin -A specific fee is involved in selling your products with FBA. The fees increase while selling on multiple marketplaces. In addition to that, the storage fee for your items also needs to be paid to Amazon fulfillment centers. Paying too many storage fees for low-margin items can bring down your profits.
  • Inventory Volume Assessment – when the uncertainty of sales occurs, deciding the volume stock to be sent to Amazon becomes difficult for Order Fulfillment. If some items are not getting sold you’ll have to pay high storage fees for old inventory in Amazon warehouses.
  • Shipping Products to Amazon Warehouse – Amazon has a methodical way of product labeling with ASIN / UPC. This system has to be followed by all the sellers for every product. Packing has to be done in multiple shipments and sent to various warehouses of Amazon. It is a tedious and expensive thing to do for the seller.
  • For Domestic Orders only – FBA is applicable only for domestic orders. International orders can also receive as products are being sold in multiple marketplaces. In that scenario, the stock must be kept ready and to be shipped on your own.

Final Thoughts

Are you still confused about how does order management software help with Amazon Fulfillment?

Amazon order management software is a worthy one-time investment, and it not only helps increase profits and benefits by simplifying order handling and execution.

If you are looking for selling through multiple marketplaces, then Esellerhub can get the job well done.

For custom development of your order management software to meet your business needs, reach out to our experts at +1 408 600 0534.

Find out how ESellerHub can help your business grow

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