Magento Order Management software is a powerful tool to take care of inventory challenges in a thriving business. But many retailers face problems or find it challenging to handle Magento inventory. eSellerhub offers the best inventory management integration for Magento order management software. It supports integration in all platforms such as web, iOS, Android, and Windows phone applications.

Common problems retailers face with Magento store are:

  • Syncing data across multiple sales channels and other fulfillment channels.
  • Finding a fully functional integration tool
  • Not much clarity on how Magento could be of help with sales
  • Prevailing struggle with information system and database management
  • Formulating an omnichannel strategy because of the lack of simple omnichannel Inventory management system

With Magento order management software integration, you can bulk list and update your entire products directly. Likewise, you can also import product information from your Magento store. Instantly connecting multiple Magento store is also possible with eSellerHub. This tool enables you to maintain a master of inventory and select product listing in the various stores in one dashboard. Not only Magento inventory, but you can also add all other online store platforms into a single inventory management system.


Integrating Magento, setting up and starting takes very few seconds only. This speedy setup is possible because of the highly intuitive and well-programmed design. All we have to do is to connect eSellerHub to your Magento store only. Sync all your products, customers’ details, suppliers, and sales smoothly in real-time. Our support team can help you with the integration.


Order processing that includes Pick, Pack, and Ship can be made quickly by automating all or selected steps in the fulfillment workflow. You can auto-generate purchase orders, sync inventory, and manage shipping functionality.


After syncing, the entire customer list can be downloaded from Magento in real-time too. You can also perform search, sort, and filter customer data as per your need. The data can connect directly to your accounting software or accounting software. This process gets rid of double data entry, saves time, and is accurate.


Instant syncing of available stock levels from all other linked sales channels, purchases, or stock adjustments will be done in Magento automatically. So there’s no need to worry about the relevancy of data received at that moment.


Upload your product list to Magento order management software easily from eSellerHub. You can also publish products on your online store one at a time or in bulk. Also, automatically manage the product description, pricing data, and product images. You are listing identical products by using SKU and product names to Magento, and new products under newly created product families.


After fetching the sale order from Magento, eSellerhub gathers and handles tracking details, checking shipment address, and print shipping labels. Address verification is the primary area where faults occur. The auto-update eliminates the room for error. You can also enable notifications with tracking number for every shipment.

eSellerHub has collaborated with many online retailers with Magento store and successfully automating their various inventory management system and order management processes. While switching over from manual to automated system can be difficult initially, in the long run, it has proved to be more beneficial. You can also get custom features integrated as per your Business model.
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